Welcome to the Reclaimed and Reloved website. My name is Jo and I’m a professional Upcycler, Repurposer, Restorer, Artist and Interior Designer.  Over the past twenty five years I’ve worked on such a variety of projects and commissions, I do indeed answer to all of the afore-mentioned titles. I hope you will look around the website to discover more about my line of work and how I can help transform your home’s interiors into the beautifully bespoke.

I am fortunate to live just outside of historic market town of Guildford, in an area surrounded by the outstanding natural splendour of the Surrey Hills.  I have been working in this area for over two decades.  I love my job, if you can call it that; for me it is not just my trade, it is my passion.  I began working on interiors back in the 90’s when rag rolling and stencilling were all the rage and since then I have never looked back.

My ethos is to marry interior design with upcycling. I offer a full design service to introduce furniture that is restored, repurposed or painted to compliment your new scheme. Any additional pieces are sourced from local or British brands with the highest quality standards to achieve a totally unique and bespoke interior.

For many years I have seen quality furniture being thrown away and replaced by new inferior pieces that lack quality and longevity. Just head to the dump to see what gets discarded; it breaks my heart sometimes to see lovely saveable pieces at the bottom of a skip. I manage to save some of them, taking old, discarded furniture and bringing them back to life using a whole variety of techniques, from paint and gilding to restoring the wood to its former glory.

The diversity of my work often affords me great variety in the techniques I employ. One day I could be painting an Edwardian chest of drawers and the next I could be restoring an antique gilt frame. Piecing a family heirloom back together can be painstaking working but it is always incredibly rewarding. I work alongside my trusty team and collaborate with some amazing restorers, artisans and craftsmen to ensure that the finished item has been restored and finished to the highest possible standards.

Most of my work is undertaken on a bespoke commission basis; from designing whole interiors to a client’s existing furniture or an item I have sourced on their behalf. In all of my work I try to use materials that have a carbon neutral footprint and low volatile organic compounds (VOC). When I am not working on commissions, I paint not only for pleasure but to enable me to develop my understanding of traditional techniques, ensuring that they are brought into the 21st century,  making them safer for you and the environment around you.