Our Collaboration with Coop Energy

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Our Collaboration with Coop Energy


We loved featuring on Coop energy’s article about how up cycling can have many benefits to individuals but also for the environment.

Up cycling means instead of throwing away that old piece of furniture, you instead give it that revamp it deserves. By doing this, your piece of furniture can have a whole new look, life and purpose.

The article from coop energy also highlighted how by giving your piece of furniture a new life, you are saving the landfill from more waste. Decreasing our landfills will only help the environment and is something we should all be striving towards.

Within the article we were able to collaborate with Coop energy by helping to create 10 simple steps to up cycle a chest of drawers!

To read the full article please visit: https://www.cooperativeenergy.coop/news-and-views/step-by-step-how-to-upcycle-an-old-chest-of-drawers/

I hope the article inspires you to go and up cycle that piece of furniture you’ve been eyeing up for the tip!

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